Aloe vera

Aloe cleanses and tightens skin pores. Removes irritation, disinfects the skin.

“Arsenal” of vitamins and microelements.

The flower has a unique chemical composition with a set of substances necessary for healthy skin – ascorbic acid, retinol, vitamins E, B1, B6, B12, silicon, iron, zinc, copper, sulfur, molybdenum.

Allantoin. It is also called the “transporter” of vitamins, microelements, biologically active substances, because it is thanks to allantoin that these substances get into the deeper layers of the skin. Allantoin regenerates, moisturizes cells, restores their structure.

Deep cleansing property. Aloe cleanses and tightens skin pores. It is useful to apply with oily skin with wide pores, which are clogged with subcutaneous fat.

Anti-inflammatory property. Removes irritation, disinfects the skin. Especially great benefit brings remedy for problem skin in adolescence, when acne and acne appear.

Antiallergic property. Agave juice has a calming effect and relieves allergic manifestations on the skin – redness, rash, itching.

Anti-aging effect. Aloe is a stimulator of the formation of collagen cells, which is responsible for skin elasticity. At the cellular level, agave juice regulates metabolic processes, regenerates tissues and holds water in them.