The unique Moxie cosmetics voyage series will allow you to be transferred to the best and most famous resorts in the world! Plunge into the sweet atmosphere of the Jamaican Heat or enjoy the depths of the Hawaiian Breeze. Feel the unique color of the Brazilian Carnival or touch the eternal spirit of Spanish Love, just choose you! The best ingredients that make up the creams will allow you to get a real pleasure from a session in a tanning bed, excellent color and quality of your skin. Dizzy aromas will recreate the atmosphere of tropical resorts!

Benefits of MOXIE:

  • As part of the classic premium ingredients:
    shea butter, erythrulose, safflower oil, collagen, marigold, silk proteins, vitamin complexes.
  • Perfumes are used.
  • Do not contain parabens and artificial colors in their composition.

In the production of Moxie voyage cosmetics, territorial factors were taken into account as much as possible, namely tanning features in different parts of the world. It is especially effective in Moxie products for technologists to combine high quality oils with magnificent natural bronzers, antiage complexes and modern BLUSH and TINGLE complexes.